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Welcome to Season 3 of the show, Video Game Movie Hell! Nirav, Jess, and Felicia are watching every video game movie ever made in chronological order (really). Look for our reactions/reviews every other  Tuesday on YouTube, in your local podcatcher, and right here on our website.


Our VGMH episodes are video episodes. You can watch an uncensored cut here on our website (under the Video Game Movie Hell tab at the top of the page), Spotify web or the mobile app, or Apple Podcasts on the app. A censored, extra edited version will be on YouTube due to their bonkers copyright restrictions.

We're also currently running a companion podcast for HBO's House of the Dragon featuring recaps, reviews, and speculation: Dragon Busters! Dragon Busters Season 2 returns Wed June 19 and will go up each Wednesday until the end of Season 2.

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Search for and listen to any of our audio episodes below right here on the site, including any of the 150+ episodes from S1, S2, The Last of Bust, or Dragon Busters! Or listen on any podcatcher by searching for Game Busters. For video episodes, please head to the VGMH tab.

Game Busters Podcast

The podcast has changed a lot over time since I started it in July 2020, with the only real constants being me (Nirav) and video games. Season 1 was focused on having friends on to talk about how much they loved a different game each week, and was co-hosted by my Dragon Age fanatic partner-in-crime Rhi Bevan. Season 2 was more focused on history and development of beloved games, and featured more developer and industry guests, and was co-hosted by my cosplay professional college friend Alyssa Halbig. Season 3 comes after me taking a 6 month hiatus from burnout, and wanting to chill with my friends Felicia Kostiuk and Jess Clayton-Berry and watch some bad movies. It's free entertainment! Sue me.

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